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Italian Nobel Prize Awards
At present Italian Nobel Prize winners stand at twenty. Some of them took part to numerous celebrations in Sanremo during the two “Nobel days”, In the following list the application branch of each figure has been mentioned together with the year and the achievement of the awards.

Among the numerous Italian Nobel Prize winners stand out some famous personalities of Ligurian origin or with particular Ligurian ties. They are: Giulio Natta, Renato Dulbecco, Eugenio Montale, and Riccardo Giacconi: scientists and literary men that have lived and worked in this area and of which we have chosen to analyse the deepest tie with the nature, the climate, the towns and the population.

Some of them were born, some have moved to Liguria at a young age evacuated during the war for study reasons or working matters: all of them show a peculiar devotion to this region, especially Eugenio Montale whose poetic production soaked with the sensations, the perfumes, the tastes and the sun of the Mediterranean

When Iulio Natta knew he had been awarded the Nobel prize, he was in Sanremo. Riccardo Giacconi was born in Genoa, however his studies brought him to the States where he completed his researches in space.

It seemed our duty to emphasize that above mentioned scientists all have strong Ligurian ties and Liguria has renewed the tradition of the “Nobel Days” and now is ready to show Nobel’s residence completely restored to house the celebrations related to the great scientist and propagate into the world the interest for knowledge by conferences and symposium on scientific and cultural topics.

GIOSUE' CARDUCCI - Nobel Prize 1906 for Literature.
CAMILLO GOLGI - Nobel Prize 1906 for Medicine.
Nobel Prize 1907 for Peace.
Nobel Prize 1909 for Physics.
Nobel Prize 1926 for Literature.
LUIGI PIRANDELLO - Nobel Prize 1934 for Literature.
ENRICO FERMI - Nobel Prize  1938 for Physics.
Nobel prize 1957 for Medicine.
SALVATORE QUASIMODO - Nobel Nrize 1959 for Literature.
Nobel Prize 1959 for Physics.
GIULIO NATTA - Nobel Prize 1963 for Chemistry.
SALVADOR EDWARD LURIA - Nobel Prize 1969 for Medicine.
RENATO DULBECCO - Nobel Prize  1975 for Medicine.
EUGENIO MONTALE - Nobel Prize 1975 for Literature.
CARLO RUBBIA - Nobel Prize 1984 for Physics.
FRANCO MODIGLIANI - Nobel Prize 1985 for Economics.
Nobel Prize 1986 for Medicine.
Nobel Prize 1997 for Literature.
Nobel Prize 2002 for Physics.
MARIO CAPECCHI - Nobel Prize 2007 - for
Physiology and Medicine.

The texts of the section” The story”, “Alfred Nobel”, and “Italian Nobel” are taken from the books:
Giovanni Lotti,”Nobel in Sanremo”, Provincial Administration of Imperia,1980
Giovanni and Antonella Lotti, “Nobel in Sanremo” Turin, Allemandi 2003.

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